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Flat Island Boatworks is excited to announce a new partnership with SureShade the retractable shade for your boat. SureShade is a mature product having design installations on over 125 boat models from 60 manufacturers. SureShade has been designing these products for over 12 years.

Mike Bredesen, Owner of Flat Island Boatworks says “We chose to work with SureShade for several reasons. Our customers are asking for them by name. After spending time with the product we believe it is a robust and reliable product that will provide many years of use. We have a lot of sunny days here on the Gulf and boaters really appreciate the shade while fishing or just hanging out on a hot day. We are convinced that SureShade is a top-notch manufacturer and we’re very proud to be associated with their products”.

There are several models of SureShades, from fully automatic forward and backward retracting shades to manually retracting models that fit even small watercraft. SureShade products feature automated or manual canvas boat tops utilizing a patented self-supported telescoping framework technology. This framework technology allows boat shade tops to extend and retract with no support poles to interfere with boating activities. Designs include automated or hand-operated extension/retraction and versatile mounting options for virtually any boat style.

It is this tele-frame technology that also makes SureShade robust and durable in harsh marine environments. In fact, the rugged durability of SureShade tops can withstand wind speeds of 50 MPH when extended aft, providing shade on speedy fishing boats.. or any other style boat that likes to wake it up.

A SureShade can be installed on any boat with an overhead structure – like a hardtop, T-top, tower or arch – for shade in the cockpit (aft), bow (forward) or both!

Call Mike (850-434-8295) at Flat Island and ask him to size a SureShade for your boat and keep the sun on the other side of the shade.