Components, Design and Customizations

FIB is positioned to provide an almost ʻunlimitedʼ list of customized Marine components for installation on existing boat lines and ʻprototypeʼ vessels as well. From ʻcomponentsʼ to ʻfunctional prototype vesselsʼ, FIB represents the experience and talent for virtually any Marine Project. Awareness of cutting edge technologies in hard materials (examples), adhesives, epoxies and all sources for Marine Engineered Accessories has built a reputation for FIB with Naval Designers and Entrepreneurs in the boating industry. Our history of developing everything from simple components to moulds for one-off and mass produced items…all the way to fabricating prototype vessels from concept to sea trial…is becoming known throughout the Marine Industry.

Through decades in the business of Marine Services…FIB has access to a long list of specialized consultants, engineers, craftsmen and artisans who have successfully participated in projects contracted through our facilities.