Flat Island Boatworks has been an Awlgrip/ Interlux partner for many years.  Awlgrip paints are renowned in the marine industry as the standard for boat painting. Awlgrip paints and varnishes have a wide range of applications from fiberglass to metal and wood. The original Awlgrip paints originated on airplanes and jets where it’s critical to look great and provide a protective barrier in all environmental conditions. 

We just returned from three days at paint school where Awlgrip just announced their new line of HDT paints.  This is an entirely new line of paint.

David Fix of Awlgrip says “The great characteristic of the new HDT paint is that it has about the same hardness of the original Awlgrip formulation and the repairability of Awlgrip 2000. This with a long life should make this paint an industry leader very quickly.  Customers who’ve demoed this paint love it’s shin and hard finish”.

James Stewart, Paint Manager at Flat Island says “From the very first time we applied this paint at school we were excited to have an opportunity to use it in the customer environment.  Our first application was on a hull that was flag blue. It’s a tough color that often shows any imperfections in the paint job. We know that if a customer has an issue we’ll be able to repair any scratches back to the original shine.  To achieve this with traditional paints is more difficult and more costly. This product will be a real winner for customers in the long run”.