Detail Service

Detail Service usually indicates buffing a boat hull’s exterior painted areas and reconditioning rub rails and hardware to return the surfaces to original or better shine. Detailing is a thorough multi step process to spiff up a boat before or after a season of use.

Detailing is included in all project work at Flat Island Boat Works. Most often limited to the area(s) of specific work…our customers may request a Full Detail Service, when addressing other projects, such as Bottom Jobs. Maintenance and Repair Work creates incredible messes. We proudly return all boats in cleaner condition than we receive them.

Required during every Marine Paint or Fiberglass project, Detailing involves several phases of cleanup, during project’s stages, including meticulous removal of tape residue, hand cleaning with solvents and surface polishing. Detail Service goes beyond ‘washing’ a customer’s boat.

For best results, hull and deck surfaces may require acid washing, buffing and/or cleaning and polishing with various specialized substances. Stainless, brass, bronze and other metal hardware is properly cleaned and lubricated during Detail Service at Flat Island Boat Works.

Throughout the detailing process, staff members are trained to look for signs of wear and damage, which may require maintenance. The customer will be notified for any decision to

Detailing, should be addressed seasonally for efficient operations, attractive appearance and owner enjoyment of any vessel. A bright and clean boat truly does perform better under way!

Note: Nearly every project, requires the removal ALL lines, safety gear and stored materials on the craft. Items are catalogued, removed to facilitate the project(s), then returned to their original locations upon completion. This takes time. Removing all personal items and accessories prior to delivery for project work or other services…will certainly save the boat owner money.