Mike Bredesen, is the owner and center of direction for Flat Island Boatworks.

Flat Island Boatworks started from small beginnings. Our first product was surfboard fins. We were Islander Surfboards back in the 1970s, creating high technology fins for competition surfers and recreation fins for the rest of us.  We have always loved water sports and boats so it’s been a natural transition to creating and servicing larger marine products. We love creating works of art that move through the water efficiently, eyeing the proper line on a board or a boat, visualizing the usability of a cabin, or deck design. We love to talk to our customers through the transformation process. Being close to our customers gives us an inside track to meeting their goals and exceeding their hopes. These skills are in our work DNA. We know what it takes to see your project to successful completion. We’ve worked diligently here in our community (Destin – Pensacola – Orange Beach) to create real value for our customers. How do we do this? We listen, we collaborate with our customers and then we execute.

When you visit Flat Island for the first time you’ll notice a distinct difference from other marine shops. We’ll encourage you to meet our management team and you’ll notice that they are truly interested in your vision for the project you bring to us. 

We have a level of professionals working here that would be hard to duplicate even in a larger market. Many have been with Flat Island for over 10 years providing our team with a high level of marine experience and skill. You may think you have a unique challenge to solve, bring it to us. We’ve probably seen it before.

Mike Bredesen is the owner and go-to person here at Flat Island. He’s an avid surfer, has owned a variety of boats throughout his career.  He has a steady “can-do” personality and will make you comfortable with his soft-spoken manner and steady hand approach to daily challenges.  He imbues his personality into the staff and it shows. Mike knows the boating market here along the Gulf Coast intimately. He is well-liked and tied into the professional support community for marine projects. From canvas/enclosure to sailmakers to stainless steel fabrication, Mike has strong connections to source even the oddest item for a project. We encourage you to schedule a visit to Flat Island Boatworks to meet our team and understand how we can help you. It’s a tradition we believe you will appreciate.