Marine Paint

Todayʼs Painting Materials and Applications are extremely versatile, effective and colorful. Whether hulls, topsides or interiors…Marine Paint is a specialty at FIB!

FIB represents one of the most complete painting facilities on the coast. Our knowledge of the various Marine Paint Brands and Compositions and regular investments in state-of-the art tools for delivering the best job possible…assure you of an attractive and long lasting project.

Paint Work is preferred over Gelcoat repair on larger jobs. The better looking and longer lasting benefits of paint, hold up years longer than the few months of ‘new‘ look provided by gelcoat.

There are basically two types of Marine Paint used today.

1. Acrylic Urethane Enamel
2. Polyester Urethane Enamel

Acrylic Paint, buffs and blends the best, but is ‘softer’, therefore not as durable. Polyester Paint, requires an experienced professional touch for the best blending and will last longer due to its ‘hardness’. At, Flat Island Boat Works, we have the expertise to provide a great looking paint job in either paint type…but prefer to use the more durable and long lasting Polyester materials.