New for the Summer of 2019 at Flat Island Boatworks we’re introducing Quick as premier partner. Qiuck products are known worldwide for high Italian quality and design. Quick has been designing and producing innovative nautical equipment since 1982 in their headquarters in Revenna Italy.  Quick USA opened it’s doors in 2006 with a full line of of Quick products including, bow thrusters, water heaters, anchors and other nautical accessories.   Flat Island initially sought out Quick as a partner because of their award gyro stabilizers which are very popular in the sportfishing boats. After meetings with Quick USA product managers, we at Flat Island were pleasantly supprised to learn about a wide variety of products crafted by Quick that would exceed the expectations of our customers. At that point we moved ahead to cement the relationship with Quick.


Quick has developed a unique vertical gyro stabilizer platform that reduces the roll of a boat at sea by upto 95%.  This series compact gyro stabilizers is easy to install, energy efficient and easy to manage.  The can make the difference from just “a boating trip” to “the most fun I’ve had one the water”.

Drew Halbert sport boat enthusiast and chief mechanic at Flat Island says “These MC2-X  units from quick will brighten up any day at sea by reducing the dreaded roll especially when the boat is drifting or at anchor. These will make fishing off the back deck very close to the feeling of fishing from the dock.”

For more information on a Quick MC2-X unit that will fit your boat please contact Mike at 850-434-8295 here at Flat Island and let him show you a new way to get more fun in your fishing.